teaching & learning history on the web

Recently I commented on the possibilities that sports (in this case the World Cup) offers teachers to make history relevant to students, to authentically “hook” them in the material. As educators, it is an often daunting challenge to engage students when you consider that their world is 24-hour information at the touch of a button (or a click on their laptop), instant information, bite-sized presentations, and (if they choose) catered to their own tastes and sensibilities.

How can the perception of History, as a stuffy series of past events, matter with all the distractions on the web? It’s a question that interests me: how can new media authentically engage students in history and expand the arsenal of history educators? How does new media further (not simply with bells and whistles) the teaching and learning of history?

The American Historical Association presents a series of links to some of what their members rate as great websites for teaching and learning history. Take a look and feel free to comment.